Frama F-Link: Unique, Intelligent, Internet-based communication for your
Frama franking solution

Unique IP innovation by Frama.
Frama F-Link connects your mailing solution instantly to the internet and provides secure and reliable access to all Frama services. Frama F-Link is the perfect tool that helps you connect your franking machine to the Frama Server reliably, securely and  comfortably. You get full access to data transfers and Frama services like Postal Tariff updates, Ad-slogans, software updates and routine inspections. Important transactions such as CREDIT downloads are done in seconds – securely and successfully!

The Department of Posts also recognizes the need for IP communications. The Frama F-Link is the only way to adapt your current machine as well as new purchases to comply with the  IP communication methods and future market DOP requirements.

F-Link, the unique IP solution for meters and server connectivity,  protects your  investment in your mailing solution. Now and in the future.  

Make a wise  choice now. Do not regret your decision later. Frama India gives you the option of staying fool-proof and future-proof TODAY! Get the Frama F-Link.
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