• Scure Email for Business


    RMail for Business

    Data Protection, Encryption and Compliance towards Data
    Protection & Privacy Laws made simple: RMail for Business.

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  • Franking Machine Matrix F6 India


    Franking Machines

    All our franking machines are operated exclusively from
    a touchscreen and perfectly matched to your business
    requirements and outbound mail volumes.

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  • Registered Email Services, Encrypted Email India


    RMail Registered
    Email Services

    Whenever you need to know who said what,
    when and to whom, RMail has the evidence for you!

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  • Internet Connection Franking System with the F-Link by Frama

    Franking Options

    Internet-based communications
    for your Frama franking machine

    Updates to postal rates, downloads of ad - slogans,
    inspections and software updates are done quickly
    and securely with the Frama F-Link.

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  • Data Management & Digital Security Blog


    Blog & Webinars about
    digital communication

    Keep up with the latest news, trends & facts
    about digital communication.

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Mail Processing

Whether in intelligent, networked franking machines or fully automated integral system solutions, Frama creates added value by uncompromisingly focusing on your needs.

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RMail Registered Email

The solution for verifiable and efficient digital communication with a unique auditible proof of compliance.

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Support & Downloads

All Frama team members attend regular training courses to ensure the best levels of service at all times.

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Franking Machines and Letter Openers

mail. message. managed. - Frama supports your postal correspondence with trend-setting technology.

For instance, Frama developed the first postage meter to feature integrated rate calculation and was the first supplier to introduce touchscreen control.

Frama is also setting trends for incoming mail. Opening envelopes without waste cuttings is just one of the highlights of Frama’s letter opener. Frama’s customers value these innovations.

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Our Top Products - From the Categories Franking Machines, Letter Openers and Secure Email Communication

To help our website visitors we present a snap shot of our most popular products, highlighting products and services that are currently trending with our customers.

Proof of delivery, time and exact content for your email communication

e-communications: RMail is the one solution for provability, integrity and efficiency for email communication in terms of Global Data Protection/ Privacy Laws and exchanging personal information via email transactions. One-click-encryption in combination with the registered receipt which provides a compliance record to exhibit evidence for emerging International Laws.

RMail features very high user acceptance on recipients end. No downloads or installations are needed to receive encrypted emails on any email client.

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Blog Digital Communication

Learn more about the latest trends, news and facts about digital communication on our e-communications blog.

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Latest article:

27.11.2017 | CATEGORY: GENERAL

The Large File Dilemma

As many know, email is not naturally well suited for sending large file attachments. Most email providers enforce file size limitations on email attachments. One can never be sure if the recipient’s system will accept very large attachment transmissions.

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We care for your business

Frama understands how important mail and the processing of documents is in all organisations. Whether you are a start up company or part of a multi-national organisation the pressures are the same.

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