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Opening incoming mail quickly

Efficient space-saving - Letter Opener Access B300

Access B300 Letter Opener

The automatic letter opener Access B300 opens up to 250 letters per minute from stacks. Large and small formats, from the thinnest envelope to a letter with a thickness of 6.5 mm. Thanks to its perfect slit technique, there is no cut-off waste and the contents of the letter mail remain undamaged. Place the front of the letters in an unadjusted position and remove them from the back, neatly stacked and opened. It switches itself on automatically when the letters are put on and switches off again after work is done. It couldn't be simpler, more convenient and more efficient.

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Access B300

Slitting instead of cutting

With the Access B300 letter opener, envelopes are slit rather than being cut open. The benefit to you is no damaged contents, no staples get in the way, and no waste cuttings to dispose of.

Access B300

Thick letters? No problem!

The Access B300 slits letters up to 6.5 mm thick without any presorting by automatically adjusting to the letter thickness. Letters are loaded, opened and neatly stacked in a flash.

Access B300

Everything fully automatic

The Start/Stop sensor automatically switches the Frama B300 letter opener on and off. Simply place the stack of letters and push it over the photocell – and away it goes!

Access B300

Large format mail? Once again, absolutely no problem!

Any letters up to C5 / B5 in size can be conveniently opened from a stack with the Access B300 letter opener. Large-format letters up to C4 / B4 in size can be fed individually and, opened easily.

Access B300

Lightweight and compact

With a pleasing aesthetic, the B300 fits nicely into any office. Due to its compact dimensions, it needs very little operating space and is also easy to store.