• Make faster headway with your mail: Frama Matrix franking machine with Conveyor Stacker CF.

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Simple, fast, efficient- Conveyor Stacker CF6

Conveyor Stacker CF6

With the new Frama Conveyor Stacker CF, it’s only the letters that move. You can simply stand in the same spot.

Medium-sized and larger businesses value the efficiency and convenience of Frama Matrix franking machines. Now Frama offers a welcome performance boost with the Conveyor Stacker CF for routine franking of larger quantities of mail. It returns letters to where they were originally placed for franking: neatly stacked, right under the feeder, so you can take them out again without hurry or having to move around.

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Conveyor Stacker CF

Simple - fast - efficient!

Franked letters stack up neatly in the output tray, without jamming. Lift them out when they’re ready, and meanwhile take it easy with loading more letters for franking.

Conveyor Stacker CF

Fast, faster, Matrix CF6

The conveyor speed is continuously adjustable and thus adapts without any problem to the letter length and the speed of your Frama Matrix franking system. After the last franking operation, use fast forward mode to stack the remaining letters in less than three seconds.

Conveyor Stacker CF

From small to big - all sizes

The Frama Conveyor Stacker CF6 handles any size letter, from the smallest all the way to C4/B4 portrait, and as thick as 10 mm. One single-action adjustment and you’re ready to swing into whisper-quiet action.

Conveyor Stacker CF

Place it on top - job done!

It’s a breeze to team up your Frama Matrix franking machine with the CF6: it requires no installation or additional working space.

Dimensions (incl. Matrix franking system): length 1560 mm (letter stop fully extended), depth 337 mm, height 368 mm.