Tax / Stamp Duty Collection

Frama Tax Meter / Stamp Duty Solutions consist of a comprehensive offering, ranging from autonomous standalone solutions all the way through to completely networked and integrated systems. Here the focus is always on users – we make it possible for them to understand and operate our solutions as quickly and simply as possible in the most uncomplicated manner.

Along these lines, the patented ComTouch™ operating interface with OneTouch-Technology offers a flexible concept for giving the target audience the easiest access to our services, no matter what knowledge they bring along and the solution being used.

The Frama Tax Meter / Stamp Duty Solutions are ideal for processing a large number of tax transactions involving small amounts. At the same time, integrated reporting enables the control and management of tax income.

Tax Meter

The Tax Meter series from Frama AG, Switzerland help automate the Revenue Collection Process for the Government Of India in a secure, reliable and efficient way.

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