RMail Services™: When it really matters!

Emerging trends for Data Protection and Privacy in India require readiness from all. The Frama e-communications Services are geared to bring you security and compliance in a way that is fast, convenient and reliable – when you need it!

How secure are your emails?

Emails are by far the most important and most used means in business communications. Each day more than 100 billion business emails are transacted. We know that emails get the message across fast. Easy to use, cost effective and quick in delivery make emails the most accepted and popular way to communicate in a way that is formal, authentic and reliable.

There are pitfalls with emails just like any other mode. Emails can be manipulated and tampered and you would not even know! – well, NORMALLY.

Increasing demands: Data protection, privacy and provability

New laws and regulations for data protection, privacy and authenticity in electronic communication are driving the normal email to a limit where its use will eventually be pushed towards the margin.

Global Data Protection & Privacy Laws : GDPR | DPP | HIPAA

Virtually none of the 100 billion daily business emails are compliant with today's data protection regulation. In Europe and those doing business with Europeans found not complying with laws could be fined up to €20 Million or 4% of their annual turnover.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is one such regulation from Europe and it will be in force on the 25th of May 2018. Within India, we are now going to have a new regulation similar to that of Europe and we will need to COMPLY.

Open Ended, Reliable and Confidential: RMail

It is not very difficult to encrypt emails. There are a variety of solutions for encrypting messages. But why are there still so many emails with sensitive data sent without any protection? The answer: It is difficult to provide an easy to use solution that is working with all email clients and gets widely accepted by the recipients.

RMail works with all common email clients on the recipients end (which leads to a high user experience) and is easy to implement in your current mailing software. It features one-click-encryption together with the registered receipt that delivers a compliance record desired by many of the global data protection laws in place today.

The RMail suite is available for MS Office Software or Gmail.

RMail – Main Features


RMail is the perfect solution when you need to prove, track & trace mails confidentially with integrity and efficiency while complying with evolving global data protection laws.

RMail features:

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Your Benefits with RMail

All-in-one! If you need an all-in-one plug-in for security, compliance and productivity which provides a unique solution for encryption, e-Sign, large file transfer and being compliant while doing so - then RMail might be the perfect solution for you. The integrated security features protect you from criminals.
Compliance! Global protection laws require 'accountability' for data protection. This is exactly what the Registered Receipt can provide. One can verify the facts of the Registered Receipt at any time. The necessary information is sealed and figitally signed together with the original content.
Easy! It is easy to integrat RMail in your daily workflow. There are no major changes to your infrastructure. Right next to the normal 'Send' button you will see a 'Send Registered' button containing all features in a user-friendly pop-up screen.
Managed! You can continue using your current email account. No need to change anything - no web-accounts and no additional software applications to install. Feel the power of compliance, encryption, e-Sign and large file transfer services and other helpful email tools to improve your day at the office.