Easy to use electronic signatures with RMail

The E-Sign solution included in RMail offers the ability to sign documents and agreements with one of the best, internationally accepted, electronic signature platforms available. Improve your flexibility and efficiency using any digital device without the need for printers, paper or other physical postal accessories. Simply send-sign-receive!

Electronic Signatures that are Provable

Every good system for electronic signatures needs to be able to prove each step of the process in a secure and manipulation-free way. This includes the contents of the documents at the time of agreement aswell as the signature from each party. Our patented Registered Receipt includes everything required to retrace and prove who signed what when.

No additional Registration or Software download for the Recipient

There is no action from the recipient required upfront.

E-Sign - your unique solution when you need to connect documents with electronic signatures.

Here, you can download our documents and certificates.


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Digitales Siegel für Anhänge mit RMail

Sender Signature & Authentication – Digital Seal 

The Digital Seal by RMail is one form of an electronic signature for the sender. By using the Digital Seal protection you can provide a proof of integrity for the recipient. The recipient can verify your identity at any time when you used the Digital Seal protection. RMail then adds electronic signatures (by hand or electronically), time and date stamps and IP addresses to each page of your PDF attachment. An ideal tool for sending signed quotations!

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E-Mails und Anhänge einfach elektronisch unterzeichnen

Signed by the Recipient – eSignOff

With eSignOff by RMail a recipient can sign an email and all attachments electronically. It converts all attachment to a PDF file. All parties will receive a copy of the signed contract. It can be as easy as sending an email, so why should you still print, sign, scan, send and archive all contracts physically?

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Vertrag elektronisch unterschreiben lassen

Multi Party SignOff – eContract

You can also use a combination of E-Sign and Digital Seal and create bilateral, binding contracts. Party A sends the contract for SignOff to party B; he signs. Party A then signs the contract which was returned to him with Digital Seal. Or you can simply send the email to yourself AND you recipients for an eSignOff. All recipients (including you) then need to sign the contract.

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