Secure Email Encryption with Automatic TLS Mode

One of the core features of RMail is the easy to use email encryption. In combination with the unique Registered Receipt (Compliance Record) it protects you as the sender from fines and from damage of the breach of law. You receive a receipt as a proof every time you send an encrypted email. Possible damage is out of you responsiblity because it can only happen after the email was securely deliverd into the recipients INBOX!


With its encryption, RMail ensures that your protected data stays protected. It even goes one step further than the competition by allowing the recipient to also reply encrypted. Via a simple protectet web portal with no login or download needed. Show your clients that you value them and their personal data. With RMail you can encrypt email with only one click directly in your current email software.


The Registered Receipt loggs all facts including the continuous encryption and used encryption method. No certificate exchange, no registration or other action by the recipient is required. Works with every email client. A very simple process: For all emails that need encryption, the transmission path is checked for continuous TLS encryption. If in one case a continuous TLS encryption is not possible the message is converted to a Secure PDF (256bit salted AES encrypted). A secure delivery is provided in any case.

Here, you can download our documents and certificates.


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We show you how Automatic TLS encryption works!

[1] TLS is available: The message gets securely transmitted to the recipients inbox through an TLS encrypted tunnel. The email looks the same as a normal email with the difference that it is marked with a notice for the encrypted delivery of sensitive information

[2] TLS is not available: If TLS is not available the original email is sealed and sent in a AES 256bit encrypted Secure PDF. The PDF is attached to a regular empty email and appears like this in the recipients inbox.

RMail Verschlüsselung.

Secure Reply - Encrypted Replies

The RMail encryption is very easy to use and provides a unique range of functions:

  • Network or end-to-end encryption without saving data, without additional clicks, without downloads or web accounts.
  • Provable auditable receipt for compliance and fulfilling legal framework conditions.
  • No tedious key exchange upfront required. Different possibilities for password exchange if Secure PDF fallback is used.
  • Reply encrypted with only a click of the mouse (Secure Reply).

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