Clever Email Tools for more Security and high Efficiency

RMail will provide you with a unique range of features for a modern and secure digital communication and will increase your workflow efficiency.


Besides its core features RMail provides a range of email tools such as sending private notes to Cc and Bcc recipients, PDF conversion of MS Office files, removal of attachment metadata and many more. Improve your digital business communication now!


Add a private note only visible for Cc and/or Bcc recipients. You can reduce the amount of additional emails and phone call to clarify your original message. Convert your attached office documents to PDF files with just one click. Or even create a ZIP folder of your attachments on the fly. But befor you send it you can remove the metadate of your documents. Sensitive meta information will be cleared off your office documents to increase your security.


All information about your sent email are collected and included in the Registered Receipt. By handing it to a third party they can verify the integrity of this information themselves. All information is also only saved within the Receipt and no copy exists on our servers. The Registered Receipt is a unique tool to prove your compliance in digital communication.

Email-Tools - the best function for more privacy efficiency and comfort in your digital communication.

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Die Anhänge ganz einfach mit nur einem Klick in PDF Dateien umwandeln. So kann jeder mit einem PDF Reader die Dateianhänge öffnen.

Office to PDF Conversion

This feature allows a fast and easy conversion of office documents into PDF files. For example Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Before clicking "Send" in the RMail sending options panel you simply check the boxes for each file type (Word, Excel, PP) you would like to send as a PDF. Additionally, you can choose a password for the PDF. Make sure that your recipient can open and read your files without any formatting or opening issues as PDF readers are a standard software on modern computers.

Smarte E-Mail Tools für das Entfernen von Metadaten aus Dateianhängen.

Removal of Attachment Metadata

This feature allows you to remove the metadata of your attached office files. This reduces the threat of sending sensible background information with your documents. Metadata can contain but is not limited to:

  • Names of document authors or editors
  • Times and regularity of changes and comments
  • Formatting information and deleted text


Die Anhänge während dem Senden in eine ZIP Datei komprimieren.

Attachment ZIP Compression

e-communications: RMail Service allows you to compress your attachments to ZIP files. Just select the corresponding check box and the ZIP file is created on the fly. Reduce space in your inbox and the recipients inbox.

Adding Private Email Notes (SideNote®)

With the SideNote feature of RMail you can add a private note for Cc or Bcc recipients. Only the copied recipients will be able to read this additional message. This confidential message will not be included in the Registered Receipt.