Transfer large files directly from your current Email software

Have you ever tried to send a large file by email? We think you did - and like ourselves you propably also stumbled upon the maximum file sizes for email. But with LargeMail this is a problem of the past! Simply add the files to your RMail message in Outlook and send it to the recipient.


All of us stumble upon the problem of sending large files by email from time to time. The maximum size allowed to send by the providers vary between 7 and 25MB. With LargeMail you will be able to send up to 1GB of attachments with each email. Secure, encrypted, easy to use and last but not least with high evidential value.


RMails unique LargeMail option allows you to:

  • Track your files
  • Receive a Compliance Record (Registered Receipt)
  • Collect date and time stamps with attachments up to 1GB

With a unique, generated link the recipient is able to download the files within 14 days. After this period all of your data is fully and securely removed from our e-communications Servers.

LargeMail - the best solution when it comes to provably send large files with modern digital standards.

Here, you can download our documents and certificates.


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File-Sharing-Tools in comparison

The internet provides a lot of solutions for sending large files. We took a close look at the most common and compared them with RMails LargeMail feature.

  LargeMail by RMail Other Providers
Set up for single send
Automatic removal of your data from our server after a set period ✓ (only few)
Easy sending directly with an Outlook Plugin ✓ (only few)
Automated selection of the sending method (regular email or large file download link)
Track downloads
Certified proof of data transmission
Secure data transmission
Encrypted data transmission ✕ (with exceptions)
Registration of recipient required ✓ (with exceptions)
Long term storage in could
Große Dateien mit E-Mail versenden

Automatic LargeMail selection

You can set an attachment size where RMail automatically sends your email as a LargeMail. No more worries about whether the attachments arrive broken or not at all!

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Manuelle Aktivierung von LargeMail im Outlook Optionen-Panel

Sending Large Attachments manually

But you can also manually decide if you want to send an RMail regularly or with LargeMail. Simply attach you files and send it as a LargeMail. No matter how you configure LargeMail - the powerful tool will optimise your daily workflow in a unique way!

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