Registered Receipt (Compliance Record)

Compliance Record for your Registered Emails: The Registered Receipt Email

Whenever you need to prove that an email was sent - RMail by Frama offers the best solution for sending messages in a safe, secure, compliant and verifiable way. The Registered Receipt Email does just that.


You are legally required to protect personal data by the current and upcoming data protection laws such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to these laws you have to document the protection and to be able to prove that you are compliant with the law.

That's exactly what the Registered Receipt provides. The Compliance Record that proves that you are legally compliant.


The Registered Receipt contains not only all of the important information from your message, it also contains a sealed version of your original message. Anyone (e.g. you, parties of a dispute, lawyers, judges, it-audit companies etc.) who onws a copy of the Registered Receipt can authenticate the original facts and the original message simply by forwarding it to the e-communications RMail Servers. It needs to be mentioned that EVERYTHING ist stored within the Receipt. No messages , the content of messages or delivery details are stored on our RMail system.

RMail by FRAMA, the smarter choice for secure and auditable digital communication.

Here, you can download our documents and certificates.


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Proof of Compliance for GDPR

Compliance Record (Registered Receipt Email) for Registered Emails

The Registered Receipt (Record of Compliance) provides a full delivery receipt and is automatically generated and sent to the original sender by the e-communications Servers. The sender can either archive and manage the receipts himself or let a central address collect the receipts. The Registered Receipt contains information about delivery, content, time and compliance of the sent email. The data is only stored until the e-communications Servers generated the Registered Receipt Email. Neither Frama nor the e-communications Servers store any of your sent data longer than that.

HTML Receipt

The actual Receipt is contained in the attachment "HTMLReceipt". It is the original content, attachments, audit trail, time and date stamps and involved IP addresses of the transaction in a sealed form. This makes it impossible to manipulate the information. Even if the Receipt Email is manipulated you can the original facts with the HTML Receipt.

Verification Process

In case of a dispute where email plays a role or when you have to prove that you fulfil the data protection laws the Registered Receipt provides the facts. Only those possessing a copy of the receipt can verify its originality and thus your compliance.

Delivery Status

Proof of delivery and delivery status are contained in the Registered Receipt. If the recipient has not opened or received your message within two hours the Registered Receipt is generated anyways. If the message gets opened after the two hour limit you will be informed with an open receipt email.

Email Audit Trail

The RMail system collects track & trace information of your email. This includes the server-log files and other transmission data and provides an auditable proof of the product video