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Franking with the F6 by Frama is the best choice for large Volumes and heavy duty

Franking Machines

Frama franking machines with the exclusive, patented ComTouch user interface offer great value for money. If you send only a few letters per day or if you produce large direct mailings, you will be impressed by the large number of individual solutions.

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B400 Letter Opener

Letter Openers

The electric letter openers Access B300 and B400 from Frama open more than just your letters: they open the door to a more convenient and efficient processing of incoming mail for your company - day after day.

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Intelligent, Internet-based communications for your Frama franking system.

Franking Options

Innovation that helps your business. 

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Mail Processing

mail. message. managed. - We support your written business communication with our products in the categories mail. and managed.

For example, we were the first franking machine manufacturer to integrate rate calculation and touchscreen control into our machines.

Our franking machines are connected to our FramaOnline2 data center to manage postal tarifs and franking credits.

We are not only focused on your outgoing mail but also on your incoming mail. Opening a pile on envelopes is a annoying and time consuming task. Letter Openers from Frama can help you opening stacks of letters within seconds and without cutting waste.

Our exclusive and smart OneTouch operation underscores our competence and commitment in producing the best possible solutions for incoming and outgoing mail.