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Each franking system of the Matrix range can operated exclusively by touchscreen. Compare!

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1.Daily mail: How many sendings does your daily letter volume cover?


2. Mailings: Of how many sendings does a typical mailing consist?


3. Do you send parcels more than 5 kg?

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Frama F2 Franking System

Franking Machine Matrix F2

Because first impressions count: the Frama Matrix F2 franking machine. The new generation you can expect a lot of.

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F4 Franking by Frama with Scale and Feeder

Franking Machine Matrix F4

Dependable Performance and Convenience: The Frama Matrix F4 Franking Machine.

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Franking with the F6 by Frama is the best choice for large Volumes and heavy duty

Franking Machine Matrix F6

Reliable Performance and Convenience: The Frama Matrix F6 Franking Machine.

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Making mail processing highly efficient, convenient and simple

Matrix F series

The latest generation of franking systems for a wide range of applications. Each franking system is perfectly matched to your business requirements and outbound mail volumes. All Matrix F series products are operated exclusively from a touchscreen: ƒƒ

Latest franking technology. The Matrix F series provides the user with all the benefits of the latest Mailmark™ technology introduced by Royal Mail.

ƒUnique patented ComTouch™ operating concept with OneTouch technology. Fast, simple determination of the proper postage amount – without postage charts, codes and operating instructions!

OneTouch means simply “touch and frank”. It is based on an ingenious, self-explanatory operating concept. The postal product menus can be easily tailored to meet your individual daily needs. MailMark™ product selection becomes child‘s play!

Ethernet LAN interface (RJ45) for integrating the franking system into a corporate network and for communications with FramaOnline2 via the Internet.

Optimised printing system HQPrint mode with a resolution of 600 dpi for printing razor-sharp advertising stamps or text messages.